An IT provider passionately focused on providing quality solutions & Services

Our team takes pride in providing superior IT and data solutions to our customers. Our IT support team takes pride in providing IT support services around the clock, 365 days of the year, whilst constantly striving to exceed our customers expectations and deliver promised solutions on time and on budget.

We are renowned for providing industry leading levels of IT Services to our clientele.


Reliabilty. Assured.

If your business relies heavily on the uptime & operation of your IT infrastructure, then your need for an experienced and reliable IT provider is of paramount importance.

At Telnetworks, our IT Teams experience and proven ability to resolve problems with the minimum amount of downtime to IT systems extends to over 25 years of knowledge and experience. Therefore, you can rest assured that your IT systems are being well looked after.

We also handle after hours IT support – in almost all cases at no extra cost to our customer.

The Complete Solution

An effective IT plan should be of utmost importance in any organizations evolving strategy.

Telnetworks offers a full range of IT Services servicing & maintaining networks, servers, end user computers, storage, cloud applications, Desktop Support and Remote Support. We also offer a Managed IT Services solution.


Information Technology. Sorted.


Guaranteed 24-7-365 technical support to resolve technical problems for your staff.

Onsite IT Services

Our technicians will visit your business premises to solve all IT dilemmas

Office 365

Support your Office 365 subscription and help you make the best use of it's features.

Cloud Services

Provide you with cloud application and infrastructure migration, management and support.

I.T. Security

We are heavy on security. We help you keep your business data safe and secure and protection from all threats.

Network and Communication

We build your office network, connect multiple offices, and supply internet & telephony services.

ICT Projects

We assign a specialised & dedicated project team and experienced Account Manager for all your IT demanding projects.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protect the most valuable asset in your business - your I.T infrastructure & Data.

Experience the Telnetworks difference.

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