Why your business needs managed IT services

If last year taught us only one thing about business, it would be the importance of our operations being digitally optimised. Working remotely was not only able to prevent the spread of the Pandemic, but save businesses overhead costs. With working from home a more viable option than ever before, it’s vital our business systems are running smoothly.  

Before the Pandemic, the Digital Age had already brought with it a huge dependence on technology. We use our computers and software for everything from accounting, communications, human resources, manufacturing, research, storage, marketing and security. If your online servers and digital databases were to come to a standstill, your company could be facing a loss in productivity and revenue. This is where managed IT comes in as a cost-effect, efficient solution for all your IT business demands. 

What is managed IT?

Managed IT services is outsourcing your business IT operations to a service provider who handles them 24/7. A managed IT provider will lead all the maintenance and running of IT systems for a company. They have a focus on preventing technological or server mishaps through consistent monitoring and maintenance. 

It differs from previous forms of IT support which focused on the ‘break then fix’ model of service. Rather than engaging with IT services when something is broken, managed IT works to spot issues before they occur. With IT managed services, you receive consistent support between your company and IT managed provider. A managed IT company will continue to maintain your various software and servers, optimise and update and monitor any issues and fix them as they (inevitably) come up. 

What does a managed IT provider do?

  • 24/7 remote IT support
  • Onsite IT support
  • Maintenance 
  • Application and software installations 
  • Antivirus and malware management 
  • Backups and disaster recovery 
  • Detail documentation 

The benefits of managed IT services

A managed IT service aims to provide businesses with a solution for all their technological challenges. They have proven to be more cost-effective and efficient than in house IT departments, saving businesses capital and resources. 

Increased efficiency 

When IT managed services are focusing on proactive solutions rather than reactive, your business efficiency improves. A huge part of IT management is monitoring the networks and servers. With someone constantly checking in and managing your IT systems, they can prepare for any technical issues before they occur. Instead of waiting for problems or breakages to occur, they are always one step ahead to prevent a business standstill. Saving you time and money.  


Unless you plan to keep your business on pen and paper, you will be utilising IT services. When your IT needs are managed in small to medium-size businesses, your staff can focus on creating revenue and growing the company rather than wrapping their heads around IT. Tasks like upgrading software or switching online infrastructure are overwhelming for any business. IT managers do these tricky tasks every day. They are experts in their field and keep updated with the latest in tech knowledge, so you don’t have to. Let your accountant do the math on hiring 24/7 IT management services or hiring and training permanent staff and see which is more cost-effective. 

Improved Security 

With more and more of our services switching online, the increasing cyber threat is a serious cause for concern. For a business of any shape or size, you need to ensure your servers are secure from data theft, hacking or ransomware. Even just losing your database could be catastrophic for your business. Through enlisting the services of an IT manager, your business’s network, software, applications and patch management will be taken care of. An IT management provider will ensure their clients have the best data and security protection in place, keeping them optimised and updated. Rather than tasking it out to your internal team, IT managed providers ensure your confidential data is safe. 

Why your business needs managed IT services 

Even for businesses with an in-house IT team, enlisting IT management services gives your team the chance to focus on more important tasks than mundane software checking. IT resources are incredibly valuable, and if your tech team is spending too much time focusing on monitoring software or fixing system glitches, they aren’t meeting their full potential. On the flip side, organising a system switch over for your company is incredibly stressful for IT teams of any size. Rather than overwhelm your staff, enlist the help of software professionals. 

Managed IT services are not only more cost-effective than hiring new in-house IT staff, but you have access to a newer range of technologies. Plus, you aren’t playing catch-up; rather than reacting when there is an issue, managed IT allows you to be proactive in your business IT systems. Any professional IT management service will constantly be on the lookout for potential tech mishaps and likely amend them with you none the wiser. It is giving you more time to focus on your business and making your business operations run smoother. 

Concentrate on running your business and enlist the services of managed IT providers. If you want to experience the difference IT management can offer you, please get in touch with us. We offer IT solutions to manage your entire IT system. Our team is built on a wealth of knowledge and experience in all things IT. We offer a 24/7 service to manage your computer networks, servers, peripheral devices and printers for a fixed monthly fee. Let our team find proactive solutions for your IT business needs. Please get in touch with us to find out more about our services. 

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