Business Telephones for your Unique Requirements

Simple. We build & supply Telephone Systems. Be it 1 handset or 100 handsets with one small office or a multi-national organisation with multiple offices – We analyse your specific telephony requirements and build a customised telephone solution to match your unique requirements.

No solution is too small or too big for our team.

We can support phone systems on any type of technology – NBN – Fibre – ADSL – PSTN – Wireless


Indefinitely Connected. Anywhere.

Communication is key for any business  –  Your business cannot afford to be missing calls or experiencing poor call quality.  A robust & reliable telephone system plays an integral part to the success of any business.

Our business phone systems are built to perfection. We rigorously test our equipment before deployment at your premises. We continuously test your telephone equipment to ensure uptime & customer satisfaction.

Your phone system is workable from any location. You can connect to your phone system from your laptop, mobile or by using the traditional handsets at your office. Ask us how.

Cloud Phone Systems

No Hardware.  No Configurations.  No rewiring.  Just Plug & Play

A phone system with all the bells & whistles hosted at our data centres.

Very Simple – No expensive hardware  &  a jungle of cables at your office – Just one cord connected to your telephone handset and the telephone rings! No complex configurations or knowledge required – just pick up the handset & dial.

Our technicians will install & maintain your handsets end to end. We provide ongoing free technical support for all our handsets we provide and will replace any faulty handsets at no cost to you.

We will install & configure the handsets FREE and no costs to you – and re-cable your office to suit a cloud phone system at no cost to you.


Telnetworks Phone System Features

BYO numbers - free

You won't lose your numbers when you switch to us. We can transfer your numbers to our network at no cost to you

24/7/365 Support

We are available to fix any problems at all times of the day or night

IVR Attendant

Greet callers with an interactive welcome menu & Options for Each Team (eg. Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Accounts)

Plug-and-play handsets

Choose from our range of pre-configured handsets. Plug-and-play simplicity makes setup and relocation a breeze.

Multiple Divert Locations

Divert to a mobile, and optionally, setup a chain of diversions (to other mobiles and landlines) if that number rings out.


All your voicemails are automatically emailed to you as audio files (.WAV format). Never miss a voicemail again.

Group Number

Assign your staff to a particular group (eg. Sales team) and setup a number that rings all group members.

Call Reporting & Logs

Our Team can provide you with call reports of all inbound/outbound call statistics grouped by any matrix

Whitepages listing

Update your business phone number and office location in the whitepages.

Conference Rooms

Setup a conference room, where staff and customers can dial in and have a group conference call

Business Productivity

Increase Productivity & Increase Customer Satisfaction

Remote Call Pickup

Intercept an incoming call going to another user & pick up the call keeping your clients always satisfied

Call Park & Pickup

Put an existing call on Park or 'Hold' and pick it up from another extension

Call & Message Waiting

While on a call you will hear a beep to indicate another call or new voicemail message

Contact Directory

Store contacts on your phone handsets or have a global address book which automatically deploys to your phones

Call Transfer

Perform transfers of active calls from one handset to another or a group of users

Staff Extensions

Have unique extension numbers for staff members across your office. Each extension can be your handset or laptop

Call Forwarding

When your line is busy, call forwarding directs your incoming calls to a different number (instead of voicemail).

Speed Dial

One button to call your favorite numbers - be it a staff member or a group of staff or your favorite supplier

Call Mute

Press the 'mute' button on our handsets to pause the caller from hearing your voice

Phone Monitoring

Set keys on your phone to show the status of another users line to show if busy or available

Call hold

Place calls on hold, and retrieve from hold, at the touch of a button. Callers hear 'hold' music until retrieved or transferred.

Do not Disturb

Set your phone or handset to go in to silence mode - where you are not disturbed with any calls or notifications

Never Miss A Call

Phone System Call Flows to Make the Most of Every Incoming Call

Simultaneous Rings

Create a custom ringing pattern. Have calls to ring a group of staff, either one-by-one, or all at the same time.

State-Based Routing

Automatically route incoming calls to the appropriate State office. e.g. All NSW calls to NSW office & so on.

Time of Day Routing

Based on the time of day & day of week direct calls or play certain voicemail messages

Always Available Phone

Don't lose calls to the 'busy' tone. If your line is busy, calls can be setup to overflow to other lines, numbers or handsets.

Sales Engine

Your Phone System as a Sales Funnel to Cross & Upsell

Messages on hold

Instead of generic music, use the time 'on hold' to advertise your other products & services and incentivise your customers or potential leads

Music on Hold

Completely customise what music or greetings your callers hear while 'on hold'. Our systems can be configured to pay anything

One Single Number

Have a selected landline number show as the caller ID whenever someone from your office calls outside the company.

Incoming Caller ID

See who is calling before you pick up. The external users caller ID is displayed for all calls.

Experience the Telnetworks difference.

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