Assassinate SPAM & Virus Infected Emails Before It Reaches Your Server

A substantial problem faced by SME and corporate business across Australia is the threat of SPAM email clogging up their network and email systems. Networks, mail servers and user inboxes are being overwhelmed by the ever rising flood of Spam, Viruses, Phishing Scams and other unwanted email which network security providers now estimate at being between 70-90% of all email communication received.

This constant flood of SPAM email not only clogs business networks and adversely impacts user inboxes, but also drains valuable resources such as network bandwidth and storage capacity and interferes with the expedient delivery of legitimate emails. The administration costs of dealing with the flood of Spam and other unwanted email are estimated to be as much as $800 per mailbox per year, resulting in a total cost of hundreds of dollars per year in lost productivity to businesses.

Telnetworks Anti-Spam Firewall is a web based anti spam email filter which enables SME business and corporate networks to block 99% of SPAM before it reaches your email server.

Network Boundary

Positioned “in front” of your existing email server, the Telnetworks Anti-Spam Firewall system provides an integrated Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus solution offering complete email protection at the “network perimeter” level, before unwanted or potentially dangerous and costly email reaches your network or mail server.

Unlike other anti-spam solutions, the Telnetworks Anti-Spam Firewall reduces the load placed on your existing email server by off-loading the task of both Spam and Virus processing and filtering, effectively reducing the volume of Spam, Viruses and other unwanted email reaching your email server by up to 98%.

Spamwall & Email Virus Guard Features

  • Blocks 98% of all Spam
  • Compatible with all types of email servers and email software
  • Reduces your mail servers operational load by 60-90% or more in addition to saving network bandwidth
  • No changes required to your existing mail server or network infrastructure. All you do is change the MX record.
  • No expensive hardware to purchase or software to install, configure or maintain
  • Automatic system updates, spam rules and virus definitions at no additional cost
  • Free technical support and assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Quick to implement and manage, can be up and running within just a few hours

How it Works


You will need to contact your domain hosting provider and get them to change the “MX Record” for your domain to point to our firewalls.

We will then set up our firewall to accept email coming from your domain. Every single email coming through to your domain will then be checked for SPAM and email viruses.

All non SPAM email will be returned back to your email server and delivered to the relevant mailbox.


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